Quality Approach

As they have to face up to strong international competition, our firms need an ever more demanding level of Quality. This explains why Cetim-Cermat has set up a Quality management system through a three-fold approach:

ISO 9001/2015 certification by AFAQ;

Accreditation from COFRAC– Laboratory Section;

Certification by car manufacturers.

The objectives pursued are as follows:

  • Recognition of Cetim-Cermat competence by an accrediting organisation (COFRAC) and by car industry prime contractors.
  • Recognition by its customers of the Quality of laboratory results, thanks to organisation validated by a certifying organisation, AFAQ.

This Quality approach affects all sectors of Cetim-Cermat:
The Administrative, Sales, Quality, Tests – Measurements and Inspections and Materials centres.

AFAQ certification

logo-iso-9001-20151The Quality management system complies with standard ISO 9001/2015. It allows the Cetim-Cermat activities and processes to be directed and Quality organisation to be guaranteed. It is implemented throughout the structure to respect our customers’ expectations.

AFAQ N° QUAL/1995/4628.12


COFRAC accreditation

Recognition of Cetim-Cermat’s ability to perform tests and calibrations is based on the requirements of COFRAC laboratories section within the framework of programme No. 29-1 and No. 29-2: Metallic materials tests, part 1: mechanical tests and part 2: determination of the chemical composition of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cast irons;

It guarantees the technical competence and reliability of the results provided by our laboratory.

Our capability is mainly based on:

  • impartiality, independence and integrity
  • equipment and its premises
  • the work methods and standards.


Cetim-Cermat thus answers to the requirement of the car industry’s world Quality reference framework: ISO/TS 16949 (2002) (Chap. external laboratory).

Thanks to the multilateral agreements to which COFRAC is signatory, our accreditations are recognised internationally (www.european-accreditation.org).


Certification by car manufacturers

Renault Self Accreditation recognises Cetim-cermat’s capability to check that “cab interior” parts manufactured by suppliers to Renault (but also PSA, as many test methods are shared by these two manufacturers) comply with the specifications issued by the manufacturer.

This involves ensuring good sustainability of the various components subjected to various stresses (physical-chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, climate related issues, UV, etc.)

This accreditation, known as “cab interior”, is the point of departure for a vast campaign of accreditations intended to place our Laboratory in the first rank of car test laboratories for the greater eastern sector of France.

logo-renaultWithin the framework of its partnership with Bugatti, CETIM CERMAT has undertaken a correlated test campaign with the VAG Group and frequently obtains certification from first tier equipment manufacturers for which it works and who address a broad panel of car manufacturers.

CETIM-CERMAT is holder of a Renault “Cab Interior” self accreditation.

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