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Simple Accordion Songs for Beginners

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The accordion is a powerful instrument that deserves attention, whether it’s in iconic films or traditional folk songs. What songs are best to start with as a beginner? It’s not easy to learn songs that are too complicated, too boring, and too obscure. This list contains 50+ simple accordion songs that beginners can learn. No matter if you like jazz, classical, or pop music. These songs are very well-known and can be great fun to listen to.

Top songs for new accordion beginners


London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge Is Falls Down, also known as “My Fair Lady”, or London Bridge, is an English nursery rhyme and singing game. This song is great for beginners.

The Can-Can (Offenbach).
The best thing about the can can is that you can begin as slow as you want. It only adds to the piece’s teasing tension. As your skill improves, you can increase your speed. Long runs with the melody of your right hand teach agility.

Amazing Grace (John Newton)

Amazing Grace, with its three-chord structure, is a must-have for any musician. It’s often played in G major and is a wonderful piece to practice chord inversions.

O Danny Boy (Londonderry Air).

Danny Boy, also known as Londonderry Air, is an accordion arrangement. Johnny Cash recorded this traditional song along with others.

Ode to Joy (Beginners)

One of the most important and radical composers of all times. He was a tortured genius who became deaf in his later years and never heard any of his final works.

When the Saints Go

This three-chord spiritual is full of energy and enthusiasm. Try staccato, legato or detached (normal), styles of articulation. Practice conserving the air in your bellows by keeping the chords in left hand sharp and short.

Portsmouth (Traditional)
Portsmouth is a traditional English country song with no lyrics. It is notable for its upbeat and twinkling right-hand melody. Print copies date back as far as 1701.

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