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Learn about Accordions

There are many types and styles of accordions. Each one has its own parts and structure. There are some common components to all accordions. Understanding the various parts and their functions is essential to understand accordions as a whole. Just to get yourself familiar with the parts of accordion. Here are the list of components you should know of. Keys…

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types of accordions
accordion, irish music, traditonal music

Difference between Concertina and Accordion

Many definitions of accordion and concertina exist, many of which were written by people who have no idea about the differences or what they are. Squeezeboxes can be described as portable, bellow-driven, free-reed musical instrument. I refer to “portable” as “can be played while being moved (being ported). Harmonias, rocking melodeons, and reed organs are all bellows-driven, free reed musical instruments.…

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